Help plant a new church in Thousand Oaks

As a new church, we need your help.  Just like how a baby is reliant on their mother and becomes increasingly independent, we need the prayer, financial, and volunteer support from you to plant the church.  This section is a "hidden section" from the rest of the website that is designed specifically for YOU, our friends and partners to learn about our mission and how we need help. 

Why plant a church in thousand oaks?

The Conejo Valley has a population of over 170,000 people with Thousand Oaks as the main city consisting of around 120,000 people.  Across the valley it is estimated that around 150,000 of those people have no relationship to a church, let alone Jesus.  That is more people than the entire city of Pasadena!  Planting churches is the most effective way to see people enter in a relationship with Jesus and our dream is to be a center of raising up and sending out future churches to continue to expand God's Kingdom.

Rob and Courtney have lived in Thousand Oaks since 2007, serving as a youth pastor and starting in 2014 began to notice God create a burden in their heart for the broken in Thousand Oaks.  After a time of prayer and numerous conversations with friends and mentors it became clear that God was leading us to start a new church introducing new people to a growing relationship with Jesus.

Check out the page titled "Mission" to read about our specific mission, vision, and values for Journey Church.

our Support & Accountability

Rob & Courtney are approved church planters through the Evangelical Free Church of America. We welcome the ongoing support, accountability, and relationship from their team.  Rob also meets regularly with Dave Page, a coach specifically for church planting.  As a new church we do not have an elder team yet, so the EFCA is our source of accountability with access and regular reports from us.

Anthem Church, in Thousand Oaks, was planted 7 years ago with a mission to multiply and they have already planted 5 additional churches!   Rob just completed a 9 month "Leadership Residency" where he was invited into their church to experience the culture of church planting first hand.  We have been commissioned and sent from them and they are providing ongoing encouragement and help.  They are excited to help us plant Journey Church in the same town!  The relationship with Anthem is a HUGE blessing to our mission!


Meeting in a movie theater

One of our biggest challenges has been discovering how we can use a movie theater as a gathering place. For many people there can be a lot of internal conflict over going to a traditional church building. Our desire is to bring the church community to the neighborhood and we are excited to meet in a common social space. It is the perfect location to reach people no one else is reaching, but how do you do it? We have been working on this solution for months, and on August 13 & 14th we had a practice set-up time and saw for the first time HOW it is going to work. Rooms are transformed into incredible nurseries, classrooms, and a sanctuary for people to hear about Jesus and the community to draw closer to Jesus. 

Check out the small video I made on my phone:

our Launch strategy for sunday services

We are currently gathering at Conejo Community Park on Sunday mornings to worship and prepare ourselves to launch our Sunday gatherings at Muvico.  There is not a better location to meet people where they are and help them take the next step.  In addition, we are pouring ourselves into the community by adopting Glenwood Elementary School and serving the families, teachers, and students.

We will be using a church planting strategy of special "preview" services to gain momentum and help us develop our systems of volunteers.  Think of it as a baby developing in the womb, where different critical life systems are developed sequentially so that the baby is born with fully functioning heart, lungs, mind, and is healthy.  It gives us the space to start with the mission by pouring ourselves into community projects.  We would love it if you could join us on a Sunday preview.

August 28th 9:30 am  Preview 1

September 18th 9:30am Preview 2

October 16th 9:30am Preview 3


We will be launching with a Children's Ministry on Sunday mornings.  Additional ministries such as youth ministry will be added soon afterward as we focus on a healthy launch.

building community life

The life of Journey Church will be our Journey Groups.  These groups meet in homes and are for people in all stages of the spiritual journey to gather for Bible study, prayer, and fun.  There is no greater catalyst for spiritual growth than long term relationships!  This is the environment where people can experience the love of God through one another.  These groups will take the same passage that was preached and go deeper and walking together to apply it to life.  As a church we have three groups already meeting in different homes and different nights.

Small groups will never sound exciting, but these are the biggest sign of our health in our mission.  To help people take the next step on their journey with God, we need to know each other well enough to trust each other.  Our goal is to have more than 80% of our Sunday population involved in a weekly Journey Group!


As a new church, we are expecting the unexpected.  Our desire is to reach the broken, wounded, and outcasts and we recognize many are going to come with baggage from previous experiences with church.  Jesus tells us that money is a heart issue and everyone comes to Jesus with a broken heart.  We are asking for outside support so that we can reach and care for these people who need to be discipled into a healthy relationship with Jesus.  Their giving will likely start as minimal and we do not want this to impede our call to continually be generous towards them.

Our desire is to be a fully self-sustaining church after two years.  We have spent a lot of time in prayer, seeking wisdom, consulting our coach and other church planters, and planning our first year budget of $280,000.  This covers everything: renting Muvico, buying all our initial equipment, staffing, all ministry expenses, as well as our commitment to give away 10% of everything we receive into other Kingdom work.  Taking our projected budget, projected tithes, and through partnerships with the EFCA, generous churches, and individuals, we are anticipating a shortfall of $100k over the first two years.  That breaks down to $4,167 a month in external support for 24 months.

Would you prayerfully consider helping us fulfill our mission by financially supporting us in our infancy?

Ways we need your help

1. Pray

We desperately need your ongoing prayer.  

Please join our prayer email to inform your prayers by clicking here.

2. Give

Will you partner with us financially and resource Journey to accomplish our vision?

Click here to give through our secure online service.  You can easily set-up a re-ocuring donation.

3. Volunteer

For those of you who live close by, would you help us by volunteering on one of our service teams on a monthly basis for our first year?  We have needs in music, set-up/tear down, and children's ministry. 

 Email and say "I want to help"!

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel