make a difference in our city

We <3 Thousand Oaks

We are always looking for ways to love and bless people.  Below are a few of the recent activities we have done to make a tangible difference in our city.

Thousand Oaks High School Paint Day

June 29th  9am-2pm

We have the opportunity to love and serve TOHS.  We will be scraping and sanding down the old paint, doing the prep work, and priming for a new coat.  TOHS is not hosting summer school for the first time in a while. The facility crew is working double-time to try to get the campus its much needed maintenance.  

To help:  Show up by the office at TOHS ready to work.  

bring: paint rollers, paint scrapers, big brushes if you have.  The school has some equipment for us to use but will need more materials depending on the number of volunteers.

The Glenwood Elementary Garden Project

Glenwood Elementary School, located right in the center of Thousand Oaks, has an existing garden in the kindergarten area of the school.  It was built a decade ago and had since fallen in disrepair and become overgrown with weeds.  The school's dream had been to have an outdoor garden where students could plant vegetables, have an outdoor space for the classes to sit down and learn about plants and healthy living.  There was also an outdoor butterfly garden that had become overgrown with weeds that needed brought back to life.  Our plan: to make that dream a reality.

We demolished the existing fencing and replaced it with a whimsical new fence that looks like crayons!  We pulled A LOT of weeds.  We laid down weed screen, put down decomposed granite for the walkways (weeds cannot grow in it).  We made new raised planter beds to amended soil ready for kids to plant their first seeds.