As Journey Youth, we want to see students truly come alive through a loving relationship with Jesus. Jesus did not set an age limit to discipleship. There is no jr. Holy Spirit; The Father graciously gives His Spirit to all those who ask! We believe that it is our responsibility to encourage our students towards their God given identities in Jesus Christ. Our hope is that our students would lead the next generation.  

We do this through mentorship.  


As Journey Young Adults, we aim to identify and sharpen God’s calling over our lives together. Christ centered community is a valuable aspect of discipleship that cannot be overlooked as we leave our parents covering and create our own. At Journey Young Adults we strive to authentically pursue Jesus and encourage one another towards a life of integrity and power through the Holy Spirit. Our hope is that our gifts would be used to transform the brokeness around us to reveal God’s glorious promise. Want to join us? Contact Stetson at stetson! We look forward to meeting you!